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Posted by Lisa on March 21, 2009 at 8:06 PM

I think I let way too much time go by between my blogs. I never have been a journal writer. Even my diaries from when I was little are filled mostly with blank pages. Writing things here and there. Why should my cyber diary be any different?


I've finally started writing on my novel again. I'm so glad too, because I enjoy writing so much. I've been writing on this particular novel on and off for over 16 years! I think it's about time I finish it. Fred has been a tremendous help to me too. He's my sounding board. It helps to bounce ideas off each other until something finally clicks into place. I've changed the structure and plot of this story idea quite a bit over the past 16 years, but I think I've finally come up with something that works.


For all those interested, the book will be called "Blinded by Sin". Its basic plot is about seven people who each possess one of the seven deadly sins. They are, of course, "blinded" by their sin and some either learn from it, change their ways and move on, or follow a path of destruction. A path that sometimes also destroys those around you.


I'm hoping to have it finished soon. I'm going to try to write every free moment I have, in the hopes that this book will be ready for publication Fall 2009.


I finally finished writing my children's book, "While You Were Scratching". I have also found a wonderful illustrator! My great thanks and gratitude go out to Anna Harrison, who has agreed to illustrate the book for me. She is a wonderfully talented artist and I feel very honored that she has agreed to illustrate. Anna is one of the instructors at Masters School of Art and you can view her art gallery on MSOA's website:



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